What the industry is saying about SELLING YOUR FILM…

“As one who has sold his soul many times, where was this book when I needed it?”

— Jonathan Dana, Producer/Producer’s Rep

“Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul proves that the dominant challenges of yesterday are now solve-able. Nothing is out of reach. The path to freedom has been found!”

— Ted Hope, Producer

“Essential reading for anyone making films in today’s ever-changing landscape of independent cinema. The authors’ unparalleled access, experience, and generosity of spirit provide invaluable insight and inspiration to all filmmakers seriously trying to communicate their vision to the world.”

— Joana Vincente, Executive Director, IFP

“No doubt film sales activities have changed forever, but in this new frontier, when it’s YOUR film on the line, how do you know what is myth or fact, or distinguish between a concept that actually works and one that just sounds plausible? Research. And that is EXACTLY what this book is: real world case studies. If you are making a film, you need to read this book.”

— Chris Jones, Filmmaker and Author of
Guerilla Film Makers Handbook

“The biggest challenge facing filmmakers contemplating releasing their own films is gaining the knowledge needed to do it. Full of real-world strategies and fact-filled case studies, SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL is a must read for filmmakers contemplating entrepreneurship in the name of their art.”

— Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

“This book holds the ingredients for making films in the 21st century. And the best part is that the meal won't be complete without your trying out these recipes, participating, adding to this growing body of knowledge so we can all enjoy a cinematic movable feast for the new age of filmmaking.”

— Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker

“This is a book whose timing is perfect and whose advice is essential for new filmmakers and content creators the world over.”

— Jeremy Hanke, Editor-in-Chief, MicroFilmmaker Magazine

“When it comes to film distribution, this book marks the spot where theory and reality intersect to give a true map for the future.”

— Mark Bell, Owner/Publisher,
Film Threat Magazine

“So far I’m up to page 52 and I can assure you that this is absolutely essential reading for independent filmmakers. Indie producers, myself included, are usually quite coy about the financial side of filmmaking…Well, this book bares it all! I am shocked and delighted by the transparency of the filmmakers involved.”


“It’s a gold mine of information from a group of people that have gone out and done what someone like me, a person with a non-mainstream film, wants/needs to do.”

— Jeff Barry Films

“For my buck, a book like SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL is worth about a hundred application fees to Sundance and a thousand fees to conference/markets like IFP.”

— Emily Millay Haddad, Filmmaker