our second Case Study book!

While our first book, Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul, focused its case studies on U.S releases, Selling Your Film Outside the U.S. takes a deep dive into distribution in Europe.

Both volulmes offer marketing and crowdfunding strategies, real distribution budgets, community building activities and detailed ancillary and digital distribution revenues for independently produced films.

Stripping away the mythology surrounding independent film distribution, the Selling Your Film series presents a more realistic picture regarding how filmmakers can earn revenue—and when they cannot—from a variety of release strategies.


  • Orly Ravid and Jeffrey Winter, The Film Collaborative co-executive directors
  • Sheri Chandler, marketing strategist and social media expert (also TFC Director of Digital Marketing Strategy)
  • Jon Reiss, filmmaker, author and media strategist
  • Wendy Bernfeld, managing director of the European content curation and licensing company Rights Stuff BV (new to the second volume).

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